Brief: To create a portal which allows hospital providers to upload patients' vaccination records to be integrated with the POEM App. Vaccination records would also be visible to schools, camps, and other 3rd party viewers with the patient's unique Vaccination ID.


Role: UI Designer

Timeframe: 1 month

Skills: Illustration, High fidelity mock ups

Result: We built an online platform meant to revolutionize how Vaccination records are kept. We wanted to give the user autonomy over their own records, which meant having an online portal where hospital providers would be able to upload physical vaccination cards. Our developers built a machine-learning software that would interpret what was written on these cards and import the data into our co-existing mobile POEM app. Hospital providers would also be given the option to manually enter and edit those vaccination records as well.

My Involvement: I created the mock up to be consistent with the styling of the mobile POEM app. I decided to create hand-painted illustrations for the landing page to help us stand out and give our product page a more friendly approach. As for the actual page where providers would upload patient vaccination data, I kept the visuals fairly clean because that would be where large amounts of complex data would be held.